About US

We invite you to join us in sharing a gastronomic journey on the beautiful island of Kefalonia - the "jewel in the crown" of the Ionian Islands !

Vassiliki and George are your hosts and extend a warm, personal welcome to all their guests. Their extensive journeys around not just Greece, but the world, have allowed them to compile an encyclopaedic knowledge of flavours, ingredients, products and practices. This makes them the ideal mentors to share their colourful gastronomic experiences and anecdotes with you and no doubt many of you will be returning not as students but as friends.
Our concept is to offer you the opportunity of joining a small group of like-minded enthusiasts, where you can learn the true secrets of creating authentic Greek food.
Most of the recipes are gathered from regions around Greece and not just from Kefalonia. Many dishes and the secret of their preparation have been handed down through families over generations and are not commonly found on commercial restaurant menus.


Together with your hosts, you will be shown how to gather local herbs, such as oregano, thyme and rosemary to flavour the recipes. Then in the serene and tranquil setting, of their charming summer pavilion and barbecue kitchen, the "magic" will unfold. With its stunning panoramic views over the Ionian Sea and Zakynthos, you will be coached in the art of Greek cuisine. As you relax with a glass of local wine, whilst learning about the culture, history and origins of the dishes that you are preparing, you will gain true insight into authentic Greek cuisine and the practical skill to re-create those wonderful taste sensations.
For those wising to share the experience (and the finished results!) without lifting a finger, simply relax in the lovely gardens, enjoy the view and perhaps indulge in a relaxing game of backgammon.

Join us and enjoy our incomparable Greek hospitality. Relish in the knowledge that Greek food is not just "Moussaka" and "Tzatziki", it is a philosophy and an introduction to a natural lifestyle, where sharing a meal with family and friends is the most important part of the day.

The memories of the flavours, colours and fragrances from your visit will stay with you always.

And remember, your Journey has Just Begun...!